Elit K50 Theater Seat

Product Information

Seatrest and Backrest

Seatrest and Backrest are manufactured from polyurethane material in aluminum molds which are designed in accordance to the human anatomy and have the standart of 50 ± 10% densty and Mvss 302 fire behaviour. Seatrest and Backrest have a durable inner skeleton made of metal profile. Seats have self-closing spring mechanism.

Foot and Armrest

The foot connection parts are manufactured from pipe with a diameter of 100 mm and 2.5 mm thickness and the connection parts to the floor are made of at least 2 mm sheet which is shaped and formed by molds. Plastic cup holder
MDF armrests are fix on the metal frame. Armrests between the seats are used as a common. Seats are fixed to the ground with single foot.


The upholstery fabric is 100% polyester, has resistant to friction, non-flammable and have fastness properties. Friction Strength: 60,000 cycles. Weight: 285 gr / m2. Seatrest and backrest are whole fabric covered.

Technical Drawing